30-Day Guided Meditations

30-Day Guided Meditations

Your 30-day meditation will guide you through a month of meditation, slowly increasing the duration each day for you to train & focus the muscle of your mind! Meditation has so many incredible benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety, to reconnecting you with your breath, habitual thoughts, and inner wellbeing. When we spend our days in autopilot, caught in our daily reactive state, we can end up living in our heads, constantly elsewhere as opposed to right here and now. Meditation allows us to return to the present, and become aware of our thought patterns and stories we have; once we shine a light on our way of being, it provides an opportunity to realise what parts drain us, and which serve us.

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30-Day Guided Meditations
  • Meditation Day 1 - Starting your Practice with Charly Sidaway

    Our first guide of your meditation practice will gently ease you into the a super short session, where Charly will introduce you to the practice of meditating and how to begin. All you need is 60 seconds!

    Meditation has so many incredible benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety, to reconnecti...

  • Meditation Day 2 - Affirmation with Laura Butcher

    Our second day of guided meditations sees Laura lead you on a short but powerful 2 minute affirmation session, where you'll cultivate meaningful mantras to take away with you, to empower the language you use towards yourself and others.

  • Meditation Day 3 - Morning Guide with Charlotte Ellis

    Wake up with your morning meditation and start your day as you mean to go on! This short 3 minute session will connect you to your breath, and allow you to calmly ground down in the present instead of becoming caught up in your thoughts about any future demands.

  • Meditation Day 4 - Confidence with Polly Woodward

    Day 4 sees Polly lead you through a confidence meditation! These 4 minutes will provide the space just for you, to switch off the noise of your thoughts and connect with your inner confidence.

  • Meditation Day 5 - Patience with Charly Sidaway

    We're so frequently caught up in our heads, in the daily script of our lives, perhaps living in the past and in the future, that we forget to truly experience life as it unfolds right here & now. Charly's 5 minute Patience Meditation will help shine a light on your way of being, highlighting when...

  • Meditation Day 6 - Calming Light with Laura Butcher

    This 6 minute Calming Light meditation will allow you let go of the old, releasing any tension and strains, and gently draw focus on the soothing, calming light visualisation that can flood your entire body with warmth and light, creating space for whatever it is that you truly need.

  • Meditation Day 7 - Gratitude with Charlotte Ellis

    Day 7 sees our meditation for gratitude. Taking time to focus on all the things throughout our lives that we are grateful for, can highlight how much there is to be thankful for. By learning to cultivate gratitude in our daily way of being, we can reduce the impacts of fear and stress, and apprec...

  • Meditation Day 8 - Stress with Polly Woodward

    Stress can be such a common part of our lives that we can often view it as an unwavering constant, something to accept rather than question. Allow Polly to share tools to help let go of the stresses and strains we hold on to, both physically in our bodies, but also mentally as well, both of which...

  • Meditation Day 9 - Less Guidance with Charly Sidaway

    Your 'less guidance' meditation will allow you more space to observe you thoughts and patterns, providing an opportunity for you to explore your practice a little further. Charly will set your practice up to ground down and find that inner quiet, then allow some more space and time for you to exp...

  • Meditation Day 10 - Body Scan with Laura Butcher

    Laura will lead you on a guided body scan meditation, by reconnecting back into feeling and getting out of our heads. By shining a light on our physical sensations, we can become aware of where we are holding onto tension and strains, and once acknowledged, how we can use our breath to encourage ...

  • Meditation Day 11 - Kindness with Charlotte Ellis

    Kindness is your day 11 meditation - allow yourself the time, energy and space to take this session just for you, to deepen your awareness around you way of being and give back to yourself and those around you.

  • Meditation Day 12 - Open Heart with Polly Woodward

    Polly will guide you on a meditation to open up your heart. Create your sanctuary wherever you are, and allow us to help you breathe, open, recharge, and let go.

  • Meditation Day 13 - Being Present with Charly Sidaway

    Charly will guide you on a 13 minute meditation focusing on being present. Each meditation on this series will lengthen in duration, so take each day as it comes and create an inquisitive curiosity around each session, cultivating awareness to your experiences.

  • Meditation Day 14 - Self Esteem with Laura Butcher

    Your day 14 meditation is all about self-esteem. Laura will start off introducing you to concepts of self-esteem and the foundations of self-acceptance, and explore tools to use to empower your mindset and awareness on your way of being.

  • Meditation Day 15 - Bedtime with Charlotte Ellis

    Join Charlotte as she leads you on a meditation to relax, let go and surrender. This session can be done before you go to bed, or at any other time during the day when you feel like you need to release and melt your tensions away. Get comfy, cosy, and prepare to give yourself permission to do not...

  • Meditation Day 16 - Saying Yes with Polly Woodward

    Day 16 of your 30 day guided meditations sees Polly lead you on a 16 minute session of saying YES! When we shine a light on the language we use towards ourselves, where we doubt and discourage, we can use this awareness to question whether or not this is serving us, both on and off our mat.

  • Meditation Day 17 - Letting Go with Charly Sidaway

    Your day 17 meditation is Letting Go, where Charly will guide you through a 17 minute session. Remember to keep exploring the sensations your meditations bring up, and what comes up for you as you work your way through the 30 days.

  • Meditation Day 18 - Uncertainty with Laura Butcher

    Uncertainty is your 18 minute meditation for the day. Join Laura as she guides you on a meditation to look into uncertainty, drawing awareness around the roots of the concept - what are we really fearful of?

  • Meditation Day 19 - Empowerment with Charlotte Ellis

    Day 19 sees your meditation of empowerment. Create your space for grounding, exploration and growth as you tune into your daily meditations. What does empowerment look like to you? Come in with an open mind and curious perspective!

  • Meditation Day 20 - Deep Focus with Polly Woodward

    Polly will guide you through a 20 minute meditation around deep focus. You will need an object during this session, just something you can tune your focus towards. Allow Polly to guide you through this session and train the muscle of your mind.

  • Meditation Day 21 - Safe Place with Charly Sidaway

    Day 21 sees your Safe Place meditation with Charly, where she was guide you on a secure, relaxing and peaceful meditation to allow you to fully let go and recharge.

  • Meditation Day 22 - Visualisation with Laura Butcher

    How is your meditation practice going? Don't worry if you have missed a few days, why not try creating a set time for you to take the time just for you, creating that respect and self-discipline to honour your mind and body.

  • Meditation Day 23 - Compassion with Charlotte Ellis

    What does compassion mean to you? Compassion towards yourself? Towards others? When we can detach from our own reactivity and triggers, it can allow us to truly see others as they are, without our own beliefs & expectations clouding our vision.

  • Meditation Day 24 - Acceptance with Polly Woodward

    Allow yourself to come into your safe space, somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed, letting go of physical tension in your body, and settle in. Polly will guide you these 24 minutes exploring acceptance, and how we can cultivate that self love and respect, to know that we are already whole...