Becky Clissett

Becky Clissett

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Becky Clissett
  • Flow & Restore with Becky Clissett - 50 minutes

    Becky's wonderful yang-yin style classes are back! Join us for this balancing, energising class to bring some flowing movement and restoring yin into your day. Becky's classes are creative, calming and grounding, so allow your thoughts to begin to quiet as you connect to the sensations of your br...

  • Heart Opening Floor Flow with Becky Clissett - 10 minutes

    This short 10 minute floor flow is the perfect go-to to take a break from your day, perhaps from long periods of time sitting, and to open up through your front body. With focus on heart openers and gentle backbends, this session will bring some gentle movement into your body, quieten your mind, ...

  • Restoring Desk Detox with Becky Clissett - 25 minutes

    In a society where we spend the majority of our time sat down - at desks, in cars, on the sofa - this short yin-style floor flow is a wonderful way to combat the stresses and tensions we can accumulate in our physical body. Allow yourself to let go of the mental strains from your day, and slowly ...

  • Yin with Becky Clissett - 35 minutes

    Open up your lungs and heart in this wonderful, restoring Yin session with the lovely Becky. We recommend a warm environment, maybe some extra layers and socks, and a cosy blanket to help you switch off and ground down for your practice. Enjoy both the mental and physical benefits of this simple ...

  • Floor Flow with Becky Clissett - 30 minutes

    The perfect class for those days when you don't feel like a high energy, power class, but without the stillness of a Yin class, and will still provide a gentle flow for you to open up your mind and body, stretch out and add a bit of movement and breath work to your day.