Charlotte Ellis

Charlotte Ellis

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Charlotte Ellis
  • Energy Shift with Charlotte Ellis - 15 minutes

    This short and sweet session will provide a lovely opportunity to shift any trapped or stagnant energy within you, get your mind and body flowing and leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

  • Yoga Basics Level 2 with Charlotte Ellis - 45 minutes

    Following on from our Level 1 Yoga Basics, this session will build on the foundations of the previous video, whilst adding on some more poses and transitions for you to play around with! You can return to this video as often as you'd like, to learn the basics, develop strength and balance, and co...

  • Vinyasa with Charlotte Ellis - 40 minutes

    A high-energy, powerful flow to get you moving, breathing and connecting to your mind and body. Cultivate strength, focus and balance whilst enjoying your yoga practice. Every time you step onto your mat your experience will be different, so take it at your own pace, find what you need today, and...

  • Lengthen and Release with Charlotte Ellis - 45 minutes

    This class is a flowing, lengthening sequence focusing on areas such as the hamstrings, the spine, but most of the all the breath. Through honing our focus in on the breath, we can lengthen through our inhale to create space within the body and mind, and then use the exhalation to move into space...

  • Breathing into your hips with Charlotte Ellis - 35 minutes

    Often, when we suppress emotion, which simply put emotion = energy in motion, this unreleased energy can become stored in the biggest space in the body - the hips. When we take time to open and release the hips, we gently allow suppressed feelings and emotion to leave our body, and that physical ...