Class Length: 10-15 mins

Class Length: 10-15 mins

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Class Length: 10-15 mins
  • 20 Day Crow Challenge #SSCROWCHALLENGE

    Join us in our 20 Day Crow Challenge #SSCROWCHALLENGE! Take a picture of your Crow Arm Balance on your Day 1, whatever that may look like, and every day come onto your mat and practice your Crow! Each time you step onto your mat, there is always room for growth - mental as well as physical. This ...

  • CORE with Laura Butcher - 10 minutes

    10 minute CORE FLOW to get you strong, steady and centred! Great to partner with our other videos, and develop that stability throughout your body! Remember to breathe! ;)

  • Morning Energiser with Charly Sidaway - 10 minutes

    Get ready to start your day and create your own energy! This 10 minute floor flow is a great way to jump out of bed and onto your mat, and start your day as you mean to go on. We'll start off with some energising breath work, to start shifting your energy! Setting our intention at the beginning o...

  • Heart Opening Floor Flow with Becky Clissett - 10 minutes

    This short 10 minute floor flow is the perfect go-to to take a break from your day, perhaps from long periods of time sitting, and to open up through your front body. With focus on heart openers and gentle backbends, this session will bring some gentle movement into your body, quieten your mind, ...

  • Broga (arms) with Adam Clayton - 15 minutes

    Get ready for Broga - the ultimate fitness yoga - for you to work up a sweat, generate heat and energy, and build strength and power through a dynamic Broga Flow. This will be a full body workout, with a focus on strengthening and working your arms - don't forget to take rest when you need, but m...

  • Fast Flow with Charly Sidaway - 15 minutes

    Jump onto your mat for a fast, high energy flow to change your state and create some energy! We will get straight into it, switching on Ujjayi breathing and flowing with one breath one pose, cultivating a powerful meditative flow. Perfect for those who are feeling tired & lethargic, or don't have...

  • Cultivating balance with Laura - 15 minutes

    What does balance mean to you? Standing on one leg? Mental clarity? Yin and Yang? How do you react to balancing in your yoga practice? Your balance ON your mat is a reflection of your balance OFF your mat - whether this is physical, mental, financial, work/life, with your relationship etc etc, wh...

  • Energy Shift with Charlotte Ellis - 15 minutes

    This short and sweet session will provide a lovely opportunity to shift any trapped or stagnant energy within you, get your mind and body flowing and leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.