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Desk Detox

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Desk Detox
  • Feel New with Charly Sidaway - 10 minutes

    This 10 minute class is a wonderful way to energise both your mind and body, to fit around your schedule whenever that serves you! We will begin with invigorating breath work, and then incorporate energising movements to lengthen your spine and give you that spring to take forward in your day!

  • Restoring Desk Detox with Becky Clissett - 25 minutes

    In a society where we spend the majority of our time sat down - at desks, in cars, on the sofa - this short yin-style floor flow is a wonderful way to combat the stresses and tensions we can accumulate in our physical body. Allow yourself to let go of the mental strains from your day, and slowly ...

  • Pranayama: Increased Energy with Poppy Doorbar - 10 minutes

    Our breath is such a powerful tool in aiding our intention, whether that's cultivating relaxation, or boosting our energy levels! This breathing sequence includes rapid breathing techniques and moderate holds, which allows us to oxygenate our blood, increasing vitality to internal organs and tiss...

  • Heart Opening Floor Flow with Becky Clissett - 10 minutes

    This short 10 minute floor flow is the perfect go-to to take a break from your day, perhaps from long periods of time sitting, and to open up through your front body. With focus on heart openers and gentle backbends, this session will bring some gentle movement into your body, quieten your mind, ...

  • Meditation Day 26 - Burn Out with Laura Butcher

    Laura explains the root causes to burn out, where it can stem from and some tools and information to move forward. Allow Laura to guide you through this session to draw awareness to your body and your daily patterns, in order to realise where you are out of balance and how you can bring yourself ...

  • Guided Sun Salutations with Charlotte Ellis - 10 minutes

    Join Charlotte as she guides you through your Sun Salutations, slowly building the energy and challenge as we progress, to create that meditative flow through focusing on the breath. Take it at your own pace, you can choose how much challenge serves you on any given day, and enjoy that rhythmic f...

  • Pranayama: Boosting Metabolism with Poppy Doorbar - 12 minutes

    Join Poppy as she guides you through breathing techniques to help boost your metabolism. Focusing on the internal benefits of our health improves our overall wellbeing, rather than just our outer shell appearance. This session will help with gastric mobility, improve digestion, and help firm stom...

  • Take a Break & Flow with Charly Sidaway - 15 minutes

    Take a break and flow with this invigorating flow to bring some movement and mindfulness into your day! Join Charly as she guides you through this nourishing 15 minute sequence to reconnect back in with yourself. Charly includes energising breath work, postures and transitions to help you create ...

  • Nourishing Flow with Jess Morris - 60 minutes

    Join Jess for this nourishing, mindful flow to bring you back into connection with your body and breath. Finding that fluid-like rhythmic movement helps to cultivate that meditative flow, turn your gaze inwards and find time just for you. Allow yourself to find space, and explore, breathe and grow,

  • Meditation Day 28 - Monkey Mind with Polly Woodward

    Polly will be guiding you through a Monkey Mind meditation, focusing on the part of your brain that is constantly on-the-go, swinging from thought to thought, from past to future, taking you out of the present and into your head. Polly will guide you through this meditation to ground back down, a...

  • Cleansing Twists with Charlotte Ellis - 35 minutes

    Get your music on, candles glowing, and connect in with your practice. Twists are a wonderful way of energising our spine, cleansing our internal organs and detoxifying our body, particularly if you've been sat down for much of your day. Join Charlotte as she guides you through this steady flow t...

  • Flow & Restore with Becky Clissett - 50 minutes

    Becky's wonderful yang-yin style classes are back! Join us for this balancing, energising class to bring some flowing movement and restoring yin into your day. Becky's classes are creative, calming and grounding, so allow your thoughts to begin to quiet as you connect to the sensations of your br...

  • Coming out of Thinking with Laura Clayton - 25 minutes

    Allow Laura to lead you on this floor flow to gradually quieten the mind and bring about a sense of peace and grounding. We can spend so much our day in our heads, so enjoy this practice to reconnect back into feeling, and allow yourself to melt into the surrender of rest.

  • Restoring Flow with Charlotte Ellis - 30 minutes

    This restoring flow will help bring some balance into your day, starting off with a slow flowing sequence to connect movement and breath, before winding down into some seated positions to allow the body to open, soften, and release. Leave everything outside of your practice and step onto your mat...

  • Pranayama: Unwind with Poppy Doorbar - 8 minutes

    It’s important to wind down after a busy over-stimulated day, so allow yourself to reconnect in with your body, and shift your focus to find your breath. This sequence is designed to calm you down so you can be present and calm to enjoy your evening.

  • Neck & Shoulder Release with Polly Woodward - 10 minutes

    Release tension through your neck, shoulders and torso in this short 10 minute seated session. Great for those of us who spend a lot of the day sat down, or at a desk, and allow yourself to stretch out and reset, and release the built up tension within the mind and body.

  • Breathing into your hips with Charlotte Ellis - 35 minutes

    Often, when we suppress emotion, which simply put emotion = energy in motion, this unreleased energy can become stored in the biggest space in the body - the hips. When we take time to open and release the hips, we gently allow suppressed feelings and emotion to leave our body, and that physical ...

  • Meditation Day 18 - Uncertainty with Laura Butcher

    Uncertainty is your 18 minute meditation for the day. Join Laura as she guides you on a meditation to look into uncertainty, drawing awareness around the roots of the concept - what are we really fearful of?

  • Vinyasa with Jess Morris - 60 minutes

    Join Jess for a nourishing, energising session to get you moving, flowing and breathing. With focus on heart opening to create space and clear tensions & strains from your day, this is a great class to allow you to switch off and flow. Find what you need today, and give yourself the gift of yoga.

  • Energy Shift with Charlotte Ellis - 15 minutes

    This short and sweet session will provide a lovely opportunity to shift any trapped or stagnant energy within you, get your mind and body flowing and leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

  • Meditation Day 13 - Being Present with Charly Sidaway

    Charly will guide you on a 13 minute meditation focusing on being present. Each meditation on this series will lengthen in duration, so take each day as it comes and create an inquisitive curiosity around each session, cultivating awareness to your experiences.

  • Lengthen and Release with Charlotte Ellis - 45 minutes

    This class is a flowing, lengthening sequence focusing on areas such as the hamstrings, the spine, but most of the all the breath. Through honing our focus in on the breath, we can lengthen through our inhale to create space within the body and mind, and then use the exhalation to move into space...

  • Meditation Day 8 - Stress with Polly Woodward

    Stress can be such a common part of our lives that we can often view it as an unwavering constant, something to accept rather than question. Allow Polly to share tools to help let go of the stresses and strains we hold on to, both physically in our bodies, but also mentally as well, both of which...

  • Floor Flow with Becky Clissett - 30 minutes

    The perfect class for those days when you don't feel like a high energy, power class, but without the stillness of a Yin class, and will still provide a gentle flow for you to open up your mind and body, stretch out and add a bit of movement and breath work to your day.