Watch this video and more on Soul Sanctuary

Watch this video and more on Soul Sanctuary

Energising Flow with Laura Butcher - 20 minutes

Create Your Own Energy • 22m

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  • CORE with Laura Butcher - 10 minutes

    10 minute CORE FLOW to get you strong, steady and centred! Great to partner with our other videos, and develop that stability throughout your body! Remember to breathe! ;)

  • Ashtanga with Ian Miller - 40 minutes

    Ashtanga is a more traditional yoga practice, with focus on breath, strength and mobility, and cultivating a wonderful meditative flow as you develop your practice. Taught predominantly in Sanskrit language, it follows a set sequence (primary series) which remains the same every class, so you can...

  • Dealing with Uncertainty with Charly ...

    In times of uncertainty, it can be difficult to deal with what comes up for us, and we can all react and cope in different ways. Charly guides you through a grounding, centring practice to allow you to quieten your thoughts, deepen your breath, and reconnect back into the present. Give yourself t...

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