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Join us for our Soul Sanctuary Teachers guiding your through a variety of classes taught from their homes!

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Home Videos
  • Flow to CROW with Sylvia Roberts - 30 minutes

    Join Sylvia as she guides you through tips and techniques to help with your crow arm balance pose - a pose many people strive to master and explore! Sylvia with help you build up the heat and strength to aid you in crow pose, as well as guide you through a variety of transitions and postures that...

  • Nadi Shodhana Breathing with Poppy Doorbar - 10 minutes

    Nadi Shodhana breathing aims at creating balancing and purification through focus on Pranayama techniques. Poppy will guide you through a series of breathing techniques working on manipulation of breath channels, to cleanse and rejuvenate your mind and body, and leave you feeling recharged and en...

  • Floor Flow with Becky Clissett - 30 minutes

    The perfect class for those days when you don't feel like a high energy, power class, but without the stillness of a Yin class, and will still provide a gentle flow for you to open up your mind and body, stretch out and add a bit of movement and breath work to your day.

  • Core to make you FLY with Sylvia Roberts - 20 minutes

    Sylv will be guiding you through a dynamic core sequence to ignite all the muscles around your mid body, to build a strong, aligned and centred mid-body, all with the intention of building towards some of those funky arm balances!

  • Cultivating balance with Laura - 15 minutes

    What does balance mean to you? Standing on one leg? Mental clarity? Yin and Yang? How do you react to balancing in your yoga practice? Your balance ON your mat is a reflection of your balance OFF your mat - whether this is physical, mental, financial, work/life, with your relationship etc etc, wh...

  • Pranayama Breathing with Poppy Doorbar - 15 minutes

    We are so grateful for lovely Poppy to provide some wonderful breathing techniques, guiding you through some exercises to cope with stress, uncertainty, and change, all the while reconnecting back in with yourself and finding that meditative focus that breath-work can cultivate.

  • Slow Vinyasa with Polly Woodward - 60 minutes: 18th May

    Live class recording: Slow Vinyasa with Polly Woodward - 60 minutes: 18th May.
    Please note this is a live class recording, so excuse any lack of demoing, connection errors, or interactions with our members!

  • Yin with Becky Clissett - 35 minutes

    Open up your lungs and heart in this wonderful, restoring Yin session with the lovely Becky. We recommend a warm environment, maybe some extra layers and socks, and a cosy blanket to help you switch off and ground down for your practice. Enjoy both the mental and physical benefits of this simple ...