Morning Classes

Morning Classes

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Morning Classes
  • Wake Up Flow with Laura Wheeler - 35 minutes

    The wonderful Laura is here to lead you through this energising morning flow, to bring some movement, breath work and fun to the start of your day! Laura's style of teaching is inclusive, empowering and clear, to enable you to return to this class regularly, and cultivate a nourishing morning rit...

  • Pranayama: Morning with Poppy Doorbar - 14 minutes

    Start your morning with this energising & awakening breath sequence! These dynamic techniques will involve all sections of the lungs (abdominal, thoracic and clavicular), to help massage internal organs and improve blood circulation. This session can be done in isolation, or partnered with anothe...

  • Sunrise Start with Sylvia Roberts - 25 minutes

    Rise and shine with this energising morning sequence, for you to do first thing after getting out of bed. Sylvia will start will some gentle mobility work for the neck, shoulders and spine, before bringing in some flowing transitions to bring some nourishing energy into your day. Prepare to lengt...

  • Miracle Morning Intentions with Charly Sidaway - 20 minutes

    This morning session will allow you to start your day with some time on the mat, to bring some gentle, mindful movement into your body, and cultivate that mental focus and self-awareness. Charly will guide you through intention setting, to create a focus for the day. Often, we can create big over...

  • Guided Sun Salutations with Charlotte Ellis - 10 minutes

    Join Charlotte as she guides you through your Sun Salutations, slowly building the energy and challenge as we progress, to create that meditative flow through focusing on the breath. Take it at your own pace, you can choose how much challenge serves you on any given day, and enjoy that rhythmic f...

  • Pranayama: Increased Energy with Poppy Doorbar - 10 minutes

    Our breath is such a powerful tool in aiding our intention, whether that's cultivating relaxation, or boosting our energy levels! This breathing sequence includes rapid breathing techniques and moderate holds, which allows us to oxygenate our blood, increasing vitality to internal organs and tiss...

  • Rocket with Sylvia Robert - 30 minutes

    Rocket Yoga is fast, dynamic, and powerful! This class will allow you to have fun, switch off, and move & breathe with your mind and body. It'll give you the chance to practice some of the more challenging poses within the traditional ashtanga sequence, which traditionally are only available once...

  • Pranayama: Boosting Metabolism with Poppy Doorbar - 12 minutes

    Join Poppy as she guides you through breathing techniques to help boost your metabolism. Focusing on the internal benefits of our health improves our overall wellbeing, rather than just our outer shell appearance. This session will help with gastric mobility, improve digestion, and help firm stom...

  • Morning Energiser with Charly Sidaway - 10 minutes

    Get ready to start your day and create your own energy! This 10 minute floor flow is a great way to jump out of bed and onto your mat, and start your day as you mean to go on. We'll start off with some energising breath work, to start shifting your energy! Setting our intention at the beginning o...

  • Meditation Day 3 - Morning Guide with Charlotte Ellis

    Wake up with your morning meditation and start your day as you mean to go on! This short 3 minute session will connect you to your breath, and allow you to calmly ground down in the present instead of becoming caught up in your thoughts about any future demands.

  • Ashtanga with Ian Miller - 40 minutes

    Ashtanga is a more traditional yoga practice, with focus on breath, strength and mobility, and cultivating a wonderful meditative flow as you develop your practice. Taught predominantly in Sanskrit language, it follows a set sequence (primary series) which remains the same every class, so you can...

  • Neck & Shoulder Release with Polly Woodward - 10 minutes

    Release tension through your neck, shoulders and torso in this short 10 minute seated session. Great for those of us who spend a lot of the day sat down, or at a desk, and allow yourself to stretch out and reset, and release the built up tension within the mind and body.

  • Meditation Day 20 - Deep Focus with Polly Woodward

    Polly will guide you through a 20 minute meditation around deep focus. You will need an object during this session, just something you can tune your focus towards. Allow Polly to guide you through this session and train the muscle of your mind.

  • Rise & Shine with Sylvia Roberts - 25 minutes

    What better way to get you out of bed in the morning, than knowing you've got this energising and flowing sequence to join you on your mat! Sylvia will lead you gently into your practice, slowly waking your mind and body up to starting building that energy and fire within! Even if you need to tak...

  • Meditation Day 16 - Saying Yes with Polly Woodward

    Day 16 of your 30 day guided meditations sees Polly lead you on a 16 minute session of saying YES! When we shine a light on the language we use towards ourselves, where we doubt and discourage, we can use this awareness to question whether or not this is serving us, both on and off our mat.

  • One Breath One Pose with Laura Wheeler - 20 minutes

    Laura will lead you through this flowing vinyasa, moving one breath one pose. Allow yourself to create a meditative state, and flow breath with movement. There will be fewer verbal cues, to allow you to cultivate that rhythmic, energising flow.

  • Energising Flow with Laura Butcher - 20 minutes

    An energising sequence to awaken your mind and body. This sequence will start of slow to allow you to feel into your practice, then start to build the fire and heat within to create energy through movement and breath, and shift any trapped energy or tension to leave you feeling refreshed and rech...

  • Meditation Day 13 - Being Present with Charly Sidaway

    Charly will guide you on a 13 minute meditation focusing on being present. Each meditation on this series will lengthen in duration, so take each day as it comes and create an inquisitive curiosity around each session, cultivating awareness to your experiences.

  • Vinyasa with Charly Sidaway - 20 minutes

    Enter onto your mat, move with your breath to create energy within your body and switch off your mind. As always, take it at your own pace and find what you need today, whether that's rest, challenge, or simply enjoyment. Move, breathe, and let go.

  • Meditation Day 10 - Body Scan with Laura Butcher

    Laura will lead you on a guided body scan meditation, by reconnecting back into feeling and getting out of our heads. By shining a light on our physical sensations, we can become aware of where we are holding onto tension and strains, and once acknowledged, how we can use our breath to encourage ...