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Watch this video and more on Soul Sanctuary

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Ayurveda and Yoga

Bronze Member Bundle • 11m

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  • Flow to CROW with Sylvia Roberts - 30...

    Join Sylvia as she guides you through tips and techniques to help with your crow arm balance pose - a pose many people strive to master and explore! Sylvia with help you build up the heat and strength to aid you in crow pose, as well as guide you through a variety of transitions and postures that...

  • 'Vintanga'! with Laura Butcher - 90 m...

    Join Laura on Easter weekend (and her bunny ears!) for a fun combination of ashtanga and vinyasa!
    Please note this is a live class recording, so excuse any lack of demoing, connection errors, or interactions with our members!

  • Pranayama Breathing with Poppy Doorba...

    We are so grateful for lovely Poppy to provide some wonderful breathing techniques, guiding you through some exercises to cope with stress, uncertainty, and change, all the while reconnecting back in with yourself and finding that meditative focus that breath-work can cultivate.