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Watch this video and more on Soul Sanctuary

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'I am at peace' Meditation with Charly Sidaway - 10 minutes

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    Learn tips and techniques to master your crow! Crow pose is one of those poses that many of us want to master and explore further, but notice what comes up for you in this time of exploration, mentally, psychologically and emotionally! This can highlight so much more to us about our way of being ...

  • Rocket with Sylvia Roberts - 90 minut...

    Join Sylvia as she guides you through a dynamic, powerful Rocket flow to help you create your own energy, challenge your mind and find that fun and acceptance on your mat! Allow the mediative state that flowing with your breath can have, wash over you and quieten that mental chatter, but also hel...

  • Sound Bath with Ian Kershaw - 45 minutes

    The WONDERFUL Ian Kershaw is bringing his Sound Bath experience to you, in the comfort of your own home, so prepare to feel relaxed, recharged, and reenergised. This powerful practice uses the frequency of sound to connect with your inner world and help you heal both physically and emotionally. A...

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