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Watch 15. YOGA PRACTICE - Yamas

Watch 15. YOGA PRACTICE - Yamas

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  • 16. YOGA PRACTICE - Niyamas

    Niyamas, known as the observances, or what we would do well to move towards. Another framework, almost code of conduct, helping to keep each of us on our own path. Bearing in mind both the Yamas & Niyamas, and the other limbs, are not practiced in isolation but it is the friction between seve...

  • 17. YOGA PRACTICE - Asana

    Ever practical, Laura then looks at where asana, yoga poses really came from, and how we should tailor our practice to meet our needs. Firstly, we just want to fall in love with yoga, so that we practice every day, even a couple times a day; NOT because we have to, but because we WANT to. And the...

  • 18. YOGA PRACTICE - Pranayama

    Just as there are many styles of yoga poses, there are also many styles of breath - pranayama. Breath is our prana, our energy, our life force... without breath we don’t have life. Our culture has a tendency to eye roll at prioritising breath, perhaps feeling it’s a ‘waste of time’ to practice br...

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