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Watch 17. YOGA PRACTICE - Asana

Watch 17. YOGA PRACTICE - Asana

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  • 18. YOGA PRACTICE - Pranayama

    Just as there are many styles of yoga poses, there are also many styles of breath - pranayama. Breath is our prana, our energy, our life force... without breath we don’t have life. Our culture has a tendency to eye roll at prioritising breath, perhaps feeling it’s a ‘waste of time’ to practice br...

  • 19. YOGA PRACTICE - 5-8 Limbs

    Meditation covers the final 3 limbs of the 8 limbs of yoga. Laura dispels the myths around meditation, dissolving the common idea that meditation is ‘not for me’, perhaps for another religion or for people whose families meditate. Instead, Laura explains how meditation is effectively exercise for...

  • 20. YOGA PRACTICE - Kleshas

    As a little bonus, Laura adds in something beyond the eight limbs, another framework we can use to help us find balance. Kleshas are ‘poisons’ which can slow down or stop us on our ‘path’. By understanding common poisons of the mind, we are able to identify how to avoid them. For example, one Kle...