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Watch 2: BODY - Energy

Watch 2: BODY - Energy

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  • 3. BODY - Stress

    Once we have clarity of where energy really comes from, we can look at the effects of stress on the body physically - what chemicals are released, why, the effects of this, and what to do to reverse the effect of stress on the body and bring your body back into balance. And finally how to reframe...

  • 4. BODY - Exercise

    Exercise may seem like an obvious means to health, but Laura dives more into the reasoning of why we're really exercising? What is your intention for exercising? Is it truly for your health, or for appearance? Does the form of exercise you do increase stress hormones? Does it bring you into physi...

  • 5. MIND - Meditation

    The body is a bi-product of the mind, so once we have understood the former fundamentals of physical health, we can go deeper. By observing our thoughts rather than being controlled around by them, we can start to see which ones are working for us, and which ones do not. With practice, we are the...

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