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Watch 4. BODY - Exercise

Watch 4. BODY - Exercise

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  • 5. MIND - Meditation

    The body is a bi-product of the mind, so once we have understood the former fundamentals of physical health, we can go deeper. By observing our thoughts rather than being controlled around by them, we can start to see which ones are working for us, and which ones do not. With practice, we are the...

  • 6. MIND - Fear

    Going deeper every topic, we explore the root cause of stress fear, taking the time to get clear on - what we are really scared of? And through this insight, we are able to heal at such a deep level that our energetic frequency can actually change, taking us out of a state of anxiety and moving i...

  • 7. MIND - Self-Actualisation

    The ultimate transformation - next we learn how to move from our subconscious, approval seeking behaviours and conditioning, to freedom from judgement and fear of not being loved, transforming towards absolute authenticity and fulfilment!