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Watch 6. MIND - Fear

Watch 6. MIND - Fear

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  • 7. MIND - Self-Actualisation

    The ultimate transformation - next we learn how to move from our subconscious, approval seeking behaviours and conditioning, to freedom from judgement and fear of not being loved, transforming towards absolute authenticity and fulfilment!

  • 8. RELATIONSHIPS - Feeling

    With comprehensive understanding of the human needs and instinctual processes, thus a deep understanding of self, we are then able to move onto our relationships with others. First, we reveal the importance of moving out of thinking and into feeling, reconnecting back inwards. Looking at emotiona...

  • 9. RELATIONSHIPS - Conflict

    Honing our listening skills, and with a clear understanding of the human needs, we are now able to see through the ‘acting out’ of others and instead see they’re asking for help. We will explore how to meet their needs, transforming potential conflict into profound connection.