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Watch 9. RELATIONSHIPS - Conflict

Watch 9. RELATIONSHIPS - Conflict

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  • 10. RELATIONSHIPS - Transference

    To conclude the relationship series, Laura explains the process of transference, making it easier to distinguish what is our ‘stuff’ and what is others’. This enables boundaries to be set, and gives us the opportunity to grow personally and interpersonally.

  • 11. SCIENCE OF YOGA - Ayurveda

    Having built your knowledge from the ground up with such a strong understanding of physical, mental and relational health, you will now be more open and ready to learn about putting yogic principles into practice, so that you are truly living yoga, rather than just practicing asana (poses) on you...

  • 12. SCIENCE OF YOGA - Chakras

    Moving into Chakras, another topic which could be explored in amazing detail. Laura introduces the concept in a top-line, practical approach, as a ‘road map’ to understand how our emotions are expressed throughout the body. Through learning the language of our body, we are able to listen to whisp...

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