Polly Woodward

Polly Woodward

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Polly Woodward
  • Bedtime Yin with Polly Woodward - 20 minutes

    Relax, unwind, and allow yourself to switch off from your day and calmly float into a deep, restoring sleep. Polly will lead you through this gentle yin sequence, so get yourself ready for bed, pop your pjs on and melt into your bed ready to let go physically and calm down mentally, to surrender ...

  • Neck & Shoulder Release with Polly Woodward - 10 minutes

    Release tension through your neck, shoulders and torso in this short 10 minute seated session. Great for those of us who spend a lot of the day sat down, or at a desk, and allow yourself to stretch out and reset, and release the built up tension within the mind and body.

  • Slow Vinyasa with Polly Woodward - 25 minutes

    Join the wonderful Polly Woodward on this gentle, slow flowing sequence to allow you to switch off from the external, and really start to focus your gaze inwards, creating relaxation, length, space, and balance. Flow, breathe, and let go.

  • Yin with Polly Woodward - 60 minutes: 14th April

    Join Polly for a lovely, restorative Yin practice to help you turn inwards and reconnect with your breath and body. Switch off, settle in, and allow yourself to open up in this healing, nourishing and rebalancing practice.
    Please note this is a live class recording, so excuse any lack of demoing,...