Sylvia Roberts

Sylvia Roberts

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Sylvia Roberts
  • Rise & Shine with Sylvia Roberts - 25 minutes

    What better way to get you out of bed in the morning, than knowing you've got this energising and flowing sequence to join you on your mat! Sylvia will lead you gently into your practice, slowly waking your mind and body up to starting building that energy and fire within! Even if you need to tak...

  • Rocket with Sylvia Robert - 30 minutes

    Rocket Yoga is fast, dynamic, and powerful! This class will allow you to have fun, switch off, and move & breathe with your mind and body. It'll give you the chance to practice some of the more challenging poses within the traditional ashtanga sequence, which traditionally are only available once...

  • Standing Rocket with Sylvia Roberts - 45 minutes

    Join Sylvia for this dynamic, energetic Rocket sequence! We will focus more on the standing postures of the Rocket sequence, with some funky arm balances thrown in throughout! Get ready to build that inner fire, strengthen and energise your body, and cultivate that meditative focus through your f...